The Essential Nature of Drug Crime Attorneys

Recently, I have begun to watch the news to become a more engaged citizen, and I have become extremely interested in the “war on drugs.” I had read about things such as mandatory minimum sentences and zero tolerance attitudes, but I didn’t understand exactly what it means to be convicted of a drug crime. I decided to do some research about drug crimes and how they are litigated, and I found the website for Ian Inglis Attorney At Law. Apparently, Texas has developed a reputation for being very strict regarding drug crimes, and a conviction can follow you for the rest of your life.

Ever since the start of the war on drugs, both Texas and the United States Federal Government have dedicated themselves to enforcing laws related to the possession, sale, and manufacturing of illegal drugs. Because of this attitude toward drug crime enforcement, thousands of people in Texas have faced extremely severe penalties that do not seem to match the severity of their crimes. Drug crimes carry significant criminal penalties even for small violations of the law, which has resulted in destroyed careers and opportunities for individuals that are convicted of a drug crime. Law enforcement agencies have an incentive to convict those that they arrest with the most extreme charges available, and those convicted can face high magnitude penalties that affect the way they live the rest of their lives.

I learned that it is crucial to get experienced legal assistance when charged with a drug crime because of the potential harm to someone’s future if convicted. Regardless of whether the drug crime that you are charged with is a misdemeanor or a felony, hiring a knowledgeable attorney to represent you can pay dividends for the rest of your life. Attorneys that specialize in drug crimes have the ability to get charges reduced or even dropped altogether. Experienced attorneys, like those that work for Ian Inglis Attorney at Law, will do extensive research on your case, including interviewing any witnesses and the person who will be prosecuting your case. This allows the attorney to develop a strategy to help reduce the impact of the charges on the rest of your life.

Additionally, attorneys that specialize in drug crimes grant you peace of mind during the proceedings. Representing yourself in such a complex area of the law is next to impossible, and lawyers that specialize in this field will have handled all kinds of cases from possession cases all the way up to felony drug charges. They will remind you that you are innocent until proven guilty and can help you understand the situation and the consequences that you are facing. Attorneys that specialize in drug crimes have also developed several strategies for minimizing the implications of a drug charge. They know how to challenge a search warrant used in an arrest and can even dispute whether or not the drugs in question were really in your possession at all.

I have learned that it’s critically important to hire a good attorney when facing a charge for a drug crime because the consequences can be severe. Attorneys can help you avoid and minimize incarceration, fines, and can help you protect yourself against challenges to future employment. Drug crimes convictions can also harm your reputation, result in the loss of the ability to purchase a firearm, and can bar you from voting or running in an election for public office.

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