Veterans Disability Benefits

It is fortunate that those who have served in the US military who sometimes find themselves in need of financial relief because of disability can find it. The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) under the US Department of Veteran Affairs receives, processes, and manages claims for veterans disability benefits, all of which are tax-free. These benefits can make a significant impact on a disabled veteran’s future and can help improve the quality of life dramatically.

Chief among claims that the VBA services are for disabled veterans whose disabilities are service-connected. This refers to disabilities that were incurred or made worse while on active duty in the military service, or which may be considered as secondary or related to military service even if the disability surfaced after service. These veterans are entitled to receive Disability Compensation.

Veterans whose service-connected disabilities are of a severity that it requires “aid and attendance” of another person or for specific disabilities may be eligible for additional benefits under the conditions set forth in Special Monthly Compensation (SMC). Survivors and dependents of a veteran who died from disabilities incurred while on active duty or in training may also be eligible to receive benefits, namely the Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC).

A veteran with low income whose disability is not service-connected but meets certain criteria may still claim for financial assistance. Other veteran benefits related to disability include Service-Disabled Veterans’ Insurance, Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance, and Adapted Housing grants.

Filing for SSD benefits may not be as simple as it is made out to be. There are a ton of documents to gather, not the least of which are medical records, and different forms to fill out for various purposes. And because there is considerable money involved, the process can be painfully complex and slow. It is often to the advantage of the claimant to have a lawyer experienced in dealing with claims for veterans disability benefits do the spadework to make sure that the right forms are filled, documents filed, and benefits maximized.

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